Wacky Faces Face Painting

Fabulous face painting for any occasion

Imagine tigers and fairies too

Puppies and kittens and dragons who

Appear before your very eyes

With gaily painted butterflies

Landscapes, moonscapes, flowery dreams

Monsters and zombies to make you scream,

Superheroes and princesses

With painted hands to match their dresses

Clowns and pirates and dolphins splashing

Metallic robots whose teeth are gnashing

Unicorns and fiery faces

Witches and elves from magic places

Leopards or lizards all covered in slime

Or an idea that you've seen in your mind

Wacky Faces will paint all these

We'll always smile and try to please

Reliable with safest paints

We've never had any complaints

At any party, fete or fair

If you need painting, we'll be there

We guarentee to paint delight

On children's faces, day or night.

(And adults too, if so inclined

at any age however lined!)